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Civil War Sesquicentennial Projects

Exhibitions at the American Precision Museum

  • Full Duty: The Civil War Collection of Howard Coffin
  • Arming the Union: Civil War Gun Makers in Vermont.

    "Two superb exhibits at the American Precision Museum in Windsor commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War...Individually, each exhibit is extraordinary; as a pair, they are phenomenal. From Charles Gould's pistol to Wesley Sturtevant's bloodstained diary to the magnolia leaf Charles Abell sent home to Hattie Aiken, Howard Coffin's Civil War collection brings the experiences of Vermont's Civil War soldiers to life. Arming the Union ... offers a look at industry, firearms, and the home front...[and] presents the story of a Windsor factory's importance in establishing the North's superior firepower."
    Mary Gow, Image, Summer 2012

  • Articles, Presentations, and Sesquicentennial Planning

  •  Available in 2013 as a speaker through the Vermont Humanities Council's Speakers Bureau and the New Hampshire Humanities Council's Humanities to Go program.

  •  "Arming the Union," presentation at Vermont History Expo, June 16, 2012.

  • Entries for the Vermont Humanities Council's Civil War Book of Days: "Vermont Women Go to War as Nurses," 8/19/2011; "Vermont...Arms the Union," 5/25/2012; "Thanksgiving at Camp Vermont" 11/23/2012

  •  "Guns for Billy Yank: The Armory in Windsor Meets the Challenge of Civil War."  Vermont History, The Journal of the Vermont Historical Society, Summer/Fall 2011. Read the complete article here.

  •  Here Comes the Civil War Sesquicentennial: Will Your Museum Be Ready?  Session Chair and Speaker, New England Museum Association Annual Conference, November 2010.

  •  Member of Vermont's Civil War Sesquicentennial Planning Committee, 2010. 

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