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Introduction to Fundraising Case Statement

American Precision Museum:
Where the Past Meets the Future

© the American Precision Museum

Photo by Alfred T. Palmer, 1942, courtesy of the Library of Congress

Precision manufacturing touches us all. The tools and the standards of accuracy that make mass production possible have created our material culture, bringing us mass communication, rapid transportation, modern standards of sanitation and medical care, abundant food and clothing, and the leisure for universal education.

Our past has been shaped by precision manufacturing, and our future depends upon it. Navigating that future will be difficult for a people who have forgotten their history as mechanics and inventors, or who have never examined the importance of technology in their own lives.

For more than thirty years, the American Precision Museum has housed the most significant collection of early machine tools in the nation. Unfortunately, these machines have been little known and even less understood by the American public. The time has come for this collection, and the message of the Museum, to reach a national audience.

In 1997, we--the Trustees of the Museum--committed ourselves to an ambitious program of renovation and reinterpretation. Many of the building's systems must be modernized, and the physical structure must be preserved. Most importantly, the exhibitions must be enlarged and enlivened.

We ask you to join us in building the future of the American Precision Museum. In building that future--together--we can ensure than an appreciation of the mechanical arts will inform and inspire the future of our nation and the world.

Respectfully yours,

Trustees of the American Precision Museum

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