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Opening Panel, Seal Cove Auto Museum Exhibit

Dawn of the Auto Age

As the 1800s rolled out and the 1900s rolled in, American life was being transformed. The new century brought telephones and electric lights, washing machines and typewriters, ready-made shoes in standard sizes, and a clock on every mantel.

Among the most exciting of the new marvels was the automobile. These cars were not easy to drive. Many of the motors required hand cranking. They were loud and temperamental. Windshields were considered “options.” Roads were often little more than bumpy dirt tracks. Still, men and women with a spirit of adventure embraced the new motorcars. The lure of speed and the beauty of finely finished machines created a fad that would become a way of life.

As you explore the Seal Cove Auto Museum, you will see autos large and small, dazzling and plain. You will also see some of the products that led to automobile production on a mass scale. You may even find clues about the immediate impact of the automobile on American life.

Enjoy the ride!

© Seal Cove Auto Museum.
Edward Penfield illustration courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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